PT. Amythas


Survey, Investigation and Design, Land Development and Tertiary Canal (TC) of Batang Hari Irrigation Project, BHIP Package LCB-5 (Lot-3), JBIC No. IP-504

These activities can be grouped into: firstly is collecting and  studying data; secondly is survey, measuring and mapping that consist of land survey, land utilization management and density of vegetation, topography measurement and mapping, land utilization and ownership boundary, inventories the condition and measurement of trace carrier and dumper channel (primary, secondary, and tertiary), and existing farming building and road, Third activity is planning system which covering planning of tertiary network and farming road, also planning for preparation of irrigation farm; Fourth technical planning design of tertiary network, farming road, and preparation of irrigating farm. Final step  is making the report, mapping  and drawing and also discussion with client.