PT. Amythas


Construction Supervision and Quality Assurance/Quality Control for Bangka Belitung 3 Coal Fired Steam Power Plant Project (2 x 30 MW)

The Bangka Belitung 3 Power Plant it is the first Coal Fired Steam Power Plant in Bangka Island. The construction of the Bangka Belitung 3 Power Plant was decided to help Bangka Island keep pace with its rapidly rising electricity demand. Bangka Island was experiencing high load demand which required the addition of large amounts of base load electricity generating capacity. Whereas the power generation had always relied on gas in the past, the customer wanted to diversify the fuel, by choosing a coal-fired power plant.

Location     :   Air Anyir Village, Merawang, Bangka Island (about 10 km West of the nearest Pangkal

                        Pinang City) Construction

Period         :  July 2008 – March 2015 Client : PT. PLN (Persero)

Scope of Service  

1. QA / QC Material and Equipments Inspection

2. Construction Supervision and Management

3. Material and Equipments Delivery Monitoring

4. Commissioning supervision and testing equipment.

5. Monitoring the fulfillment of other contractual liabilities done by the contractor

6. Supervision during warranty period

7. Environmental Monitoring

8. Reporting