PT. Amythas


Construction Supervision and QA/QC of NTT 1 – Ende Coal Fired Power Plant Project (2 X 7 MW)

Steam Power Plant being built in Ende has the following specifications : Type of Power plant : (Steam Power Plant), Plant Number 2 (two) unit, generating Capacity : 2 x 7 MW, with the pattern of plant operation : 30 days operation/24 hours/day. The generating function is the main generator, the fuel is use of coal (Coal Low Range) as for the fuel requirements of 6.2 tons/ hour, and the origin of the fuel comes from the of Borneo island and coal delivery system used is a marine transportation with Ocean Barge with a capacity of ± 5000 -12 000 DWT.

Location      : Location of Steam power plant ± 65 km from Ende City, precisely in Ropa Kampong,

                       Keliwumbu Village, Maurole District, Ende regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Period         : Oktober 2008 - December 2014

Scope of Service :
1. QA/QC Material and Equipments Inspection
2. Construction Supervision and Management of Power Plant
3. Material and Equipments Delivery Monitoring
4. Commissioning supervision and testing equipment.
5. Monitoring the fulfillment of other contractual liabilities done by the contractor
6. Supervision during warranty periode
7. Environmental Monitoring
8. Reporting