PT. Amythas


Feasibility Study of Relocation, Recondition Combined Cycle PLTG unit 4 & 5 Priok to Pemaron, Bali and Combined Cycle PLTG unit 3 & 4 in Pesanggaran, Bali

Due to electricity needs of the people and the condition in Bali which currently still uses undersea cable system, the existing plant requires an upgrade and also an additional Combined Cycle Power Plan. In order to yield 2 x 50 MW, the gradual project implementation comprises of early stage and relocation of Unit 4 and 5 in Priok plant to Pemaron.

Location : Jakarta & Bali

Period     : December 2000 – May 2001

Scope of Service

- Survey on meteorological and oceanographic data

- Investigation on soil and geology

- Environmental study to review existing environmental, social and economic impact within

    the project location (AMDAL and SEMDAL)

- Site study to relocate unit 4 and 5 PLTG Priok to Bali 

- Topography Survey

- Bathymetry Survey

- Feasibility Study of Relocation and Recondition

- Environmental Impact Assessment

- Social and Economic Impact Assessment