PT. Amythas

Promote PT. AMYTHAS  to be Independent, Professional and Reliable Consultant for its Development Services
- Achieve an Accountable Professional Consultancy Services Respecting Business Norm
- Perform Excellent Services to Promote Client Satisfaction by Prioritizing Firm and Its Employment Benefit
- Preventive Action of  Occupationl Accident & Occupational Diseases

Company Core Value
1. Independent
  PT. Amythas provides services following standards, rules, and regulations that apply independently, freely, and not influenced by any party.
2. Accountable
  PT. Amythas guarantees that the products produced can be accounted for transparently following applicable standards, rules, and regulations
3. Professional
  PT. Amythas provides services by applicable standards, rules, and regulations by working seriously, hard work, discipline, honesty, high loyalty, and dedication to their work's success