PT. Amythas

No Project Title Years
1 Water Resources Existing Facilities Rehabilitation and Capacity Improvement Project, JBIC No. IP-510
2 Survey, Investigation and Design, Land Development and Tertiary Canal (TC) of Batang Hari Irrigation Project, BHIP Package LCB-5 (Lot-3), JBIC No. IP-504
3 National Policy Study of Lake and Small Lake Utilization
4 Information System Development to Utilize Spatial Planning at Area of Floods Caused and Area of Pond in Jabotabek and Bopunjur
5 Dam and Structure Survey of Muer, Tiu Kulit, Kengkang, Kempo, Olat Rawa, Bayan and Pemasar Dam (Paket SID. C-9)
6 Survey, Investigation and Design (SID) on Land Development (LD) and Tertiary Canal (TC) of Batanghari Irrigation Project, Package LCB-6 (LOT-4), under OECF Loan No. IP 478
7 Survey, Investigation and Design (SID) Panti Rao Irrigation Area and Batang Tongar Irrigation Area
8 The Zone Development Plan to Support Strategic Sector Development in Kakab River Basin at Central Kalimantan Province
9 Swamp and Lake Identification as Raw Water Resources and Conservation Development Program