PT. Amythas


Feasibility Study of Kluet Hydro Electric Power Plant (2 x 60 MW)

With a total hydro power potential of 75.000 MW, Indonesia has one of the largest hydroelectric reserves in Asia. Much of this potential is spread across 1,315 possible locations where different size and types of schemes could be built. Although about 50% of the country’s hydro power potential could be exploited by building large-scale hydroelectric schemes, which exceed 100 MW of installed capacity, a large amount of potential capacity could also be developed by building smaller schemes including mini and micro hydro projects.

Location  : Aceh Selatan, NAD

Period      : December 2010 - June 2011

Scope of Service

- Topographical Studies

- Hydrological and sedimentation studies

- Geo-technical Studies - Environmental and Social Impacts and Mitigation

- Project Layout

- Optimization

- Description of Project

- Financial and Economic Analyses

- Construction Planning, Schedule and Costs

- Project Evaluation & Risk Analysis - Conclusion and Recommendations