PT. Amythas


Feasibility Study of Buleleng Micro Hydro Electric Power Plant (2x 600kV)

The project location in Morowali, Central Sulawesi, uses the pressure difference between existing reservoir and the channel located below it to produce electricity in two different turbines. The turbines, with an output capacity of 600 kW each (1.2 MW overall capacity), are installed in two power houses and are continuously maintained by local personnel. The resulting power is transported over 8 km to the next sub-station of the regional power supply system where it is fed into the grid.

Location       :   Morowali, Sulawesi Tengah

Period           :  December 2010 - Juni 2011

Scope of Service

-   Detail Design Report (DDR) Document (Include : Site Reconnaissance, Pre-Feasibility Study dan Feasibility

     Study,      Topography Survey, Geological Survey, Hydrology Survey, Material Resources)

-   Bid Document

-   Study of Construction Method and Investigation of Raw Material and Main Equipment

-   Study of Water Management System

-   Document of Operation, Maintenance and Control System

-   Document of Environmental Impact Assessment