PT. Amythas


Environmental Management

AMYTHAS has been providing waste management, environmental and engineering consultancy services, working in partnership with our clients and stakeholders in both public and private sectors in Indonesia. We provide professional services in all aspects of environmental impact, including ecology, landscape and visual impact, arboricultural impact assessments, tree inspections and wildlife.

AT he cornerstone of our practice is a belief in a balanced approach to managing the impact of development through supporting the principle of sustainable development. AMYTHAS endeavour to assist our clients with the integration of environmental considerations during project development, provide advice regarding actual or likely risks and impacts of development on natural or built environments, as well as ensure compliance with current environmental laws and regulations to promote sound environmental impact management.

The scope of services offered :
-Study and Survey
-POperation and Maintenance
-Training and Human Resource Development
-Institutional Development
-Technical Assistancet