PT. Amythas

Feasibility Study of Kluet Hydro Electric Power Plant (2 x 60 MW)

Feasibility Study of Buleleng Micro Hydro Electric Power Plant (2x 600kV)

Feasibility Study of Genyem Hydro Electric Power Plant

Feasibility Study of Relocation, Recondition Combined Cycle PLTG unit 4 & 5 Priok to Pemaron, Bali and Combined Cycle PLTG unit 3 & 4 in Pesanggaran, Bali

Construction Supervision of Nagan Raya Coal Fired Steam Power Plant (2 x 110 MW)

Construction Supervision and Quality Assurance/Quality Control for Bangka Belitung 3 Coal Fired Steam Power Plant Project (2 x 30 MW)

Review Design and Approval of West Kalimantan 1 Coal Fired Steam Power Plant Project (2 x 50 MW)

Construction Supervision and QA/QC of NTT 1 – Ende Coal Fired Power Plant Project (2 X 7 MW)