PT. Amythas

Project Type Sector Loan in Water Resources Development

Swamp and Lake Identification as Raw Water Resources and Conservation Development Program

The Zone Development Plan to Support Strategic Sector Development in Kakab River Basin at Central Kalimantan Province

Survey, Investigation and Design (SID) Panti Rao Irrigation Area and Batang Tongar Irrigation Area

Survey, Investigation and Design (SID) on Land Development (LD) and Tertiary Canal (TC) of Batanghari Irrigation Project, Package LCB-6 (LOT-4), under OECF Loan No. IP 478

Dam and Structure Survey of Muer, Tiu Kulit, Kengkang, Kempo, Olat Rawa, Bayan and Pemasar Dam (Paket SID. C-9)

Information System Development to Utilize Spatial Planning at Area of Floods Caused and Area of Pond in Jabotabek and Bopunjur

National Policy Study of Lake and Small Lake Utilization

Survey, Investigation and Design, Land Development and Tertiary Canal (TC) of Batang Hari Irrigation Project, BHIP Package LCB-5 (Lot-3), JBIC No. IP-504