PT. Amythas


Agriculture And Marine Development

For Indonesia agriculture and marine constitutes the backbone of the economy and it is important in terms of growth, poverty alleviation, food security, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion. In this context, for instance, the agricultural sector and maritime contributes 20% of the region’s GDP and pays a key role in employment, absorbing 50% of the labour force. Agriculture and marine also constitutes a fiercely debated issue within the realm of international trade at regional and multilateral levels.
AMYTHAS provides support to national and donor initiatives for the development of small farmers and emerging enterprises in rural areas. Examples of our work include Agriculture Forestry, Estate Crop, marine & coastal Management.

The scope of services offered :
-Feasibility Study
-Socio Economic Study
-Survey and Investigation
-Detail Design
-Extension Services
-Community Development & Training
-Institutional Strengthening
-Technical Assistance & Advisory Services
-Monitoring and Evaluation
-Human Resources Development
-Policy Formulation and Planning
-Project Management
-Management Information System
-Operation and Maintenance
-Construction Supervision
-Construction Management