Feasibility Study Of Relocation And Recondition Of Priok Combine Cycle Power Plant Unit 4 & 5 From To Pemaron- Bali

To fulfill Society needs for electricity and also anticipate the condition of electricity system in Bali which during the time still using under sea cable system, so needing development and development of Combined Cycle Power Plant in Bali. Execution of development project of PLTGU Pemaron-Bali conducted step by step, early stage, and relocation unit 4 & 5 UBP Priok to Pemaron-Bali to yield energy 2x50MW. Phase hereinafter development of the PLTG become PLTGU by exploiting gas throw away both unit of PLTG (as fuel) to heat water in pipe at HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator). The steam produced by HRSG used to turn around steam turbine in PLTU which is coupling directly with electrics generator, so that can give electric power addition equal to 50 MW.

AMYTHAS services included: Survey meteorological and oceanographic data; Investigate the soil and geology; Carry out environmental study to review: existing environmental impact, social and economic impact within the project location (AMDAL and SEMDAL); Site study to relocate PLTG Priok Unit 4 & 5 to Bali.

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