Review And Approval Design Of West Kalimantan-1 Coal Steam Power Plant Project (2 X 50 Mw)

Indonesia is an archipelago country, where most islands have separate power supply systems instead of being inter-connected through a power grid. As a result, there is a local shortage of power. The present project, when completed, will markedly improve the electricity supply on the West Kalimantan Island and in the meantime, create considerable job opportunities for the local people.


The coal fired power plant is located in Bengkayang, a city in the northwest of West Kalimantan province, Indonesia. Occupying a land area of 40 hectares, the project mainly involves design, procurement, construction, commissioning and trial operation of 2x50MW coal-fired generating units.


According to the contract, construction will be completed in 33 months. The project was estimated that the project would cost US$172 million and be partly financed by loans by Chinese.


AMYTHAS services included: Review and approval design; Prepare of documentation & project administration; Prepare of the document examination aspects of the project that need to be reviewed & approved; Prepare basic communication procedures.

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