Construction Supervision Of 150 Kv Transmission Line On West Java

The average energy growth in the Jawa system is 6% to 7% each year with 16,000 MW as peak load, 72% as load factor and 22,000 MW of installed capacity. Considering the maintenance schedule of the power plants, season variation, FOR (force outage rate) of the units, also the de-rating of the units, the Jawa system needs about 2,000-3,000 MW of additional power generation in total every year. In 2007, PLN started building a number of coal-fired steam power plants with total generation of approximately 6,900MW, most of which are expected to commercially operate in 2009 and 2010.


AMYTHAS to provide services for construction supervision of electrical power supply construction projects in several locations in West Java.

The project consisted of the following components:

  • 150 kV Transmission Line from West Java 1 (Indramayu) Steam Power Plant (3x300 MW) – Sukamandi Substation (±64 km)
  • 150 kV Transmission Line West Java 2 (Sukabumi) Steam Power Plant – TX – Cibadak Baru Substation and TX – Lembur Situ Substation (±45 km)
  • 150 kV Transmission Line West Java 3 (Tangerang) Coal Fired Power Plant (3x300 MW)– Teluk Naga (± 21 km)

 This transmission line, could provide significant benefits to the economics of Indonesia particularly PLN. Enhanced system reliability, improved security and diversity of supply, increased economic efficiency in system operation, reduced environmental impacts.


AMYTHAS services included: review EPC Contractors production schedules and delivery program, review and provide recommendation for acceptance the Contractor’s QA/QC document, review factory and shop or field testing methods and procedures, witness factory and shop and or field test and inspection, conduct supervision and coordination equipment installment during construction period including testing and commissioning of equipment and plant system, approve and provide stamped on inspection quality certificate (IQC), assist PLN in engineering and design review. 

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