Quality Assurance And Quality Control For Three (3) Coal Fired Steam Power Plant Project (Pltu 1 Jabar, Pltu 2 Jabar, Pltu 3 Jatim)

The electricity demand in Java – Bali system has been constantly increase and the increase will continue approximately 6 to 7% annually. To fulfil the said demand increase, it is required to have additional generation capacity in the network.

As part its generation development plant, PLN’s intend to build three (3) coal fired steam power plant which consist of: PLTU 1 Jabar 1 (300-400 MW) located in Indramayu with contract EPC price is about US $ 863 million; PLTU 2 Jabar (300-400 MW) located in Pelabuhan Ratu with contract EPC price is about US $ 811 million; PLTU 2 Jatim located in Tanjung Awar-awar with contract EPC price is about US $ 647 million.


AMYTHAS services included: review EPC Contractors production schedules and delivery program, review and provide recommendation for acceptance the Contractor’s QA/QC document, review factory and shop or field testing methods and procedures, witness factory and shop and or field test and inspection, conduct supervision and coordination equipment installment during construction period including testing and commissioning of equipment and plant system, approve and provide stamped on inspection quality certificate (IQC), assist PLN in engineering and design review. 

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