Feasibility Study And Detail Design For Buleleng Mini Hydro Power Plant (2 X 600 Kw)

Indonesia, with a total hydro power potential of 75,000MW, has one of the largest hydroelectric reserves in Asia. Much of this potential is spread across 1315 possible locations, where different size and types of schemes could be built. Although bout 50% of Indonesia, a hydro power potential could be exploited by building large-scale hydroelectric schemes exceeding 100MW installed capacity, a large amount of potential capacity could also be developed by building smaller schemes including mini and micro hydro projects.


The project location in Morowali, Central Sulawesi, uses the pressure difference between the existing reservoir and the channel located below it to produce electricity in 2 different turbines. The turbines, with an output capacity of 600 kW each (1.2 MW overall capacity), are installed in two power houses and are continuously maintained by local personnel. The resulting power is transported over 8 kilometers to the next sub-station of the regional power supply system where it is fed into the grid. Through this, the fuel mix is being upgraded with renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 7,000 tons of CO are reduced every year.

AMYTHAS  services included: Detail Design Report (DDR), which suffice in it; reconnaissance, pre-feasibility study and feasibility study, pre-design, basic design and design, detail design, Bid Documents; study of construction method; study of water management system in River Basin; study of operation and power control system; study of operation and maintenance (O/M) system; study of UKL and UPL.

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