PT. Amythas


Training Services of Manpower Skill and Partnership Farmers Group Founding IFAD Loan No. 350-ID

Activities of PT. AMYTHAS on this project are: conduct training and advisory services. This assistance is done until productive farmer group is formed and begin survey location. Survey executed covering West Lombok region, East Lombok, Dompu and  Bima which is aimed to chose location, farmer and also selecting match qualification candidates of training participant and farmer group, and also identified the situation of farmer condition, village, structure and infrastructure, and also transportation in training location. After performing survey location the next step is conduct a workshop in each region  to socialize training program to realize equality of approach for related parties in applying of partnership management system.

Organizing and conducting the training farmer’s 3.600 participants, including 1.800 women farmer’s participant concerning group dynamics, household economic, partnership management basic, gardening technique and conducting. Consultant facilitated farmer and productive group in various activities of training, forming and development of productive group, and assist farmer on negotiation with other party.