PT. Amythas


Conservation Advisory Consultant Package B, Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, Ministry of Forestry. 1992-1992-19995. Financed by IBR

PT. AMYTHAS in association with Anzdec (Autralia) had provided consultancy services for: To establish and develop the planning of National Conservation for: (a) territorial and land conservation, (b) marine environmental, through the National Conservation Planning Atlas, data that existing in 1982, with the aim that all on going or developed project should be an interrelated program; Preparation the interrelated national conservation planning with the national and regional development planning; To assist the forest protection and nature conservation and improvement planning of mangrove resources; Develop conservation management planning of mangrove forest in eastern Indonesia; Establish the interrelated planning (including land use planning) to make sure the sustainable conservation of mangrove forest, preparation of “Sembilang Suaka Marga Satwa” in Sumatera, Delta Brantas and Solo including the Surabaya coastal area, East Java;