PT. Amythas


Berbak National Park Buffer Zone Management Consultancies - ISDP

Berbak National Park is the most extensive protected swamp forest in South East Asia. It’s located on the eastern coastal plain of Jambi Province. Berbak contain over 150.00 hectares of swamp forest which are dissected by meandering black water rivers lined by nipah and pandanus tree. The overall goal of the project is to protect the biological integrity of Berbak National Park of Jambi Province, and the objectives of the project are to improve the socio-economic conditions of the communities in the surroundings of the National Park, strengthen the management of the Park, and assist BAPPEDA Jambi on spatial planning activities for the coastal parts of the province.

PT. AMYTHAS Experts & Associates act as a lead firm with responsibilities not only to strengthening park management but also establishing the provincial steering committee, determining and agreeing boundaries of the park that can be identified by people and making recommendation for possible extensions of the park, determining buffer zones appropriate to the sustainability of the ecological integrity of the park, undertaking programs for staff development and training including training of park officer in administration, paroling and survey investigation technique, developing a 5 years forward plan and annual budgets. Review socio-economic development program including studies of small scale harvest industries and identifying of suitable areas for rehabilitation of mangrove on the eastern boundaries of the park.